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revolutionising source factory ethical performance monitoring

Mindful Sourcing is an outsourcing option; a revolution in the way organisations monitor the performance of their source factories to their brand’s Ethical Sourcing criteria.   This new service option encourages greater adoption of ethical trading practices whilst providing the following benefits:

  • Enables organisations to free up their staff, allowing them to focus on their core business activities
  • Utilises existing Ethical Sourcing staff to greater effect - building relationships with factories or identifying the next tier of factories within your supply chain for engagement in ethical sourcing practices
  • Promotes confidence in knowing a specialist is monitoring your factories’ ethical performance
  • Provides a cost effective method of monitoring and reporting source factory performance against your brand’s Ethical Sourcing Code
  • The ability to promote your organisation as a responsible corporate citizen
  • Providing responsible access to factory performance records for agreed governing bodies - This eliminates the need for your company to go public with its factory listings and maintains the confidentiality of your organisations’ source factories while ensuring your competitive edge

working together

Mindful Sourcing’s ethos involves working with existing, respected ethical sourcing codes and auditing organisations; that currently provide world class service.  By encouraging mutual recognition of established ethical sourcing codes, source factories benefit by minimizing the number of audits in which a factory needs to partake; thus reducing audit fatigue.  

We provide a one-stop reference point for transparent, ethical performance data for use by preapproved NGO’s and governing bodies.  Our system collects factory performance information from multiple importers, wholesalers and retailers to provide greater savings for all users of the service. We provide this service whilst being sensitive to maintain every individual brand’s confidential supply base.

Mindful Sourcing, provides a dedicated platform for apparel brands that have a genuine passion to improve the lives of the workers who produce goods for the world market.  Our model creates an opportunity for brands to save resources, whilst making positive progress with their ethical sourcing program. By collaborating and working smarter, brands/organisations can accelerate progress to impact a greater number of apparel workers across the world.